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Hi! I'm Branded Kavita. A Content Creator I Podcaster I YouTuber I Content Marketing Manager I Personal Branding Strategist I Content Writer I Social Media Manager I LinkedIn Lead Generation I Digital Marketing Practitioner Kavita Gupta is an MBA and BA (Hons.) in English. She has mastered the art of Content Writing, Content Marketing, Personal Branding, Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn Lead Generation, and Public Speaking with her continuous efforts. She helps small start owners and founders grow their business sales through content creation and marketing techniques. She has also done some work in the field of women empowerment where she has helped several women get financial dependence by converting their passion into profession. She has written thousands of articles for her clients across the globe and has more than a decade of experience in writing. She has written amazing content for brands like Nike, Macy's, Target, Famous footwear, Weight Watchers to name a few. She has more than 530 reviews on Fiverr for her writing, content marketing, social media marketing, public relations, and other skills. Public Speaking is something that entices her and therefore she has spoken at various events in India. She also aspires to become an author someday. Apart from freelancing, she also has years of corporate experience where she has proved her mettle in her niche and getting her articles featured on top media publications such as TechRadar, Entrepreneur, BBC News, Nasdaq, Reuters, Yahoo Finance. She is a quick learner and believes in ‘putting in the work’. After attaining quality experience both in freelancing and 9-to-5 job, she realized it’s time to get out of the 9-to-5 grind and be her own boss. She decided to start her own business which is now 18 months old. She provides a plethora of services to her domestic and international clients. Being the Founder and CEO of Kavita Empower Ventures, she handles a team of content writers, marketers, designers, and researchers. She is an ardent believer of personal branding and is now on a path to build her strong personal brand on top social media platforms. Kavita’s journey which started with writing blogs has now converted into a full-fledged content and digital marketing agency that caters to the needs of Founders & CEOs of new, small startups. Her USP is her strong writing & communication skills, competitive pricing, and commitment to over-deliver. She keeps herself updated by learning new skills every now and then. Her ultimate goal is to become a renowned name in content marketing, personal branding, and the digital marketing industry. She believes firmly in “Consistency is the key to success.” Her fearless and friendly nature makes her a thought leader in the industry. Hope you have a great time listening to my podcasts :)

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