Podcasting Trends 2021 | Ep. 169

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We're talking about podcasting trends for 2021 and how to set yourself up for a great year of podcasting. For all my podcasters out there, content creators, and anyone thinking about starting a podcast, this is the show for you. Pay attention to what's happening in the world around you.

The best way to judge a trend is to see what is happening right now in the world. That is what you can expect to continue happening and to grow at scale. We get into the three things I predict will do just that.


  • Video podcasting, why it's here to stay.
  • How important repurposing your content is.
  • The tactics to become a branded podcast.


"When you can add video to your show, you now open yourself up to getting a little more creative with the types of content you're creating."

"Google search and YouTube search are the number one ways you could be found. Video is going to help you get there."

"Repurposing I'd say is the secret skill that everyone can be developing."

Part 1: Why Video Podcasting

Part 2: Video Podcasting Setup

Part 3: Video Podcasting Best Practices



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