Video Podcasting Best Practices - Part 3 of 3 | Ep. 168

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This week we are talking about video podcasting best practices. What are the best practices for podcasters out there who are trying to start including video with their show?

This is part three of our three-part series, and it is all about video podcasting best practices. We talked about the equipment you need to get set up. We talked about why you should be using video podcasting to begin with.


  • Learn how to move from preparing to completing video
  • Navigate away from boring content
  • Find out how to increase video content output
  • Discover a key step to ranking on YouTube


"It is my belief that anyone podcasting should have a camera running at the same time. You should have those assets being created that you can use to grow your show in the future."

"I think the first thing we've all got to commit to is creating content that makes sense for the channel."

"I don't think any of you should be your own editors, especially if you're trying to do this consistently."

"What you're going to want to do is figure out the keywords that represent your brand, that you want to be known for, that people type in when looking for something like you or looking for content like yours."


Part 1: Why You Should Have a Video Podcast

Part 2: Video Podcasting Setup

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