Powerflex! - Suspension & Bushings

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Suspension bushings are some of the most highly stressed components fitted to a vehicle (and least talked about). They undergo enormous strains in the most arduous of conditions with no maintenance or lubrication. Having old, tired, broken bushings, or even bushings made of poor quality materials, can cause excessive tire wear, braking instability and poor handling. This is the single biggest reason you can instantly tell the difference between driving a three year old car and a new one.

However, even new cars will benefit from upgraded components, especially bushings! Powerflex is an engineering company with an arsenal of innovative solutions for failure-prone and poorly performing stock parts. And because of their superior design they offer much more effective control of the suspension components to a much greater extent than normal rubber items … And with us tonight from PowerFlex USA is Jake Palladini from sales and customer service - as well as Powerflex owner James Clay - who some of you might also recognize as the President of BimmerWorld! to discuss these crucial components of your vehicle. Be sure to check out the follow-on PITSTOP mini-sode on our Patreon!

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