GAA Classic Car Auctions

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Classic car auctions are all the rage these days. The collector car market has been booming for the past decade or so, and auctions have been growing accordingly, both in grandiosity and media coverage. You’ve probably seen auctions taking place on TV or online, with the biggest events being Concours-like affairs, fetching record prices which make headlines for the weeks to follow.

It’s a misconception that classic and collector car auctions are reserved for the ludicrously rich, buying cars for hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Auctions offer enthusiasts the opportunity to network with like-minded people and are a great way to learn about special interest vehicles you might not be familiar with but find you have an interest in.

The team at GAA Classic Car Auctions offers a spectacular experience for both the first-timer or the seasoned auction goer. Devoted to producing the best classic and collector car auction experience possible, folks like Johnny Ransom, General Manager for GAA, are hands on and willing to help you with whatever needs might arise, and he’s here to explain how it all works.

This episode is sponsored in part by Garage Style Magazine. Since 2007, GSM has been the definitive source for car collectors, continually delivering information about Automobilia, Petroliana, Events and more... because after all, what doesn't belong in your garage?

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