Your Workouts: Harmful or Helpful - Intuitive Movement with Christine DeFilippis - Ep 28

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In this week's solo episode, I talk about intuitive movement.
Is your workout harming or helping you?
What is your motivation for working out?
Is weight loss or aesthetic goals the focus?
Are you burning to earn?
DO you have rigid rules around working out?
Did you know you can remove all the rules from working out?
Learn how you can move your body for reasons other than weight loss and the impact it can have on your overall health.
Christine is a Movement Motivator, Body Liberator & Unconventional FitPro
Her mission is to disrupt the industry and destroy diet culture. She is the host of the Breaking Body Biases podcast. She is the creator of FitPro Ed, an online education platform for fitness instructors and she is the own of Pop Fit Studio in the Philadelphia suburbs: a HAES & weight inclusive studio featuring dance, barre, bounce and bungee workouts.


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