Predator (1987) 4K

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This week DJ steps into the way back machine and revisits the 1980's Arnold Schwarzenegger Action Classic Predator in 4K. How is the picture? How is the sound? What are his favorite scenes? Of course he gets into all of that. That's what he loves to do. But he also gets into a little A/B fun with DTS 5.1 vs DTS Neural X up mixing too. Plus listener comments, emails and just all around Home Theater fun. No reason really for you to not push play...


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Midnight Sky

From @wvbrew on Twitter
You must have a subwoofer to enjoy this. There are atleast 3 demo worthy scenes when I say demo worthy Im talking like official Dolby Atmos demo produced like natures fury leaves etc. I thought movie was great.”
32:38 Wind Storm
54:50 Surprise
1:00:00 Demo Worthy Wind Storm
1:07:00 Flying in the Dark
1:12:00 Helmets on

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Predator (1987) 4K

Picture 🍿
Home Theater Viewing Time 1hr 43min 02sec


  • Opening
  • 4:52 Fans?
  • 6:30 Inbound
  • 11:28 Jungle
  • 15:15 Birds
  • 18:35 Predator View
  • 24:40 Showtime *
  • 34:16 Anytime
  • 47:28 Just Unloads **
  • 57:00 Mac *
  • 1:06:34 It’s a Trap
  • 1:09:15 Over Here
  • 1:14:05 Dillon
  • 1:17:23 Water Fall
  • 1:19:20 The Predator
  • 1:28:40 Fore Fight
  • 1:40:30 The Laugh

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Theme Music by Jeff Bernheart/Throne Vault Productions.
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