S4 E9: Multi 21 - Malaysian GP 2013

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Bring Back V10s takes a detour into the V8 era to look back at the 'Multi 21' controversy between Red Bull team-mates Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber at the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix.
Edd Straw and Karun Chandhok join host Glenn Freeman to revisit the last big falling out between Vettel and Webber, and analyse how all the key parties involved handled it.
Beyond the Red Bull controversy, we also look at all the other stories from F1 in early 2013, from Kimi Raikkonen's brief championship lead with Lotus, to Pirelli's fragile tyres, the start of McLaren's downturn with its disappointing new car, Williams's struggles, Lewis Hamilton's start to life at Mercedes, plus rumours that he wanted to sign for Red Bull in 2013.
We also look back at the other team orders situation that developed late in the race and was overshadowed by events at Red Bull, with Mercedes chief Ross Brawn issuing strict orders to Nico Rosberg to stay behind Hamilton, which the German reluctantly agreed to.
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