#83: Michelle Weise — Author of “Life Long Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don't Even Exist Yet” and Future of Education & Workforce Strategist

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"The answer to filling a skills gap or for upskilling for the future is not always going to be another degree."

There’s approximately 4,000 degree granting institutions across the United States, offering hundreds of thousands of different credentials. Each of these institutions offer the promise of secure and fulfilling employment after graduation, but in a rapidly changing working landscape, how is someone supposed to know what credential is going to best suit their needs?

More importantly, who can afford the cost, both in time and in finances, to attend these institutions?

These are just some of the areas that our next guest, Michelle Weise, focuses on. Author of the book "Life Long Learning: Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don't Even Exist Yet", and Chancellor of Strategy and Innovation at the International University System, Michelle has dedicated her professional career to creating an educational system that’s better suited for a workforce that is expected to work longer, emphasize soft skills, and be more strapped for time.

With the value of college being questioned more than ever, The Great Resignation showing no signs of slowing and the future of work in more flux than ever before, Michelle’s strategies are more important than ever.

This is another episode you’re not going to want to miss, so without further ado…let’s bring it in!

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