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Crypto Bitcoin & NFT - Everyone is talking about them, everybody wants to buy them, but very few know the real concept. Let's hear it from the expert - Michael Andrews .

Michael Andrews is a Master Day Trader and expert Real Estate Investor for the last 25 years. He also was involved with cryptocurrency since 2009. He has recently helped a cryptocurrency company sell over 6 million tokens in a 6-month period, creating a 7 figure income at that time. He has helped 10’s of thousands of people learn how to day trade and learn about the upcoming coins & tokens in the cryptocurrency space, all of which have doubled in price. He also has worked in Maryland, Georgia & Florida as a Real Estate Investor completing many residential & commercial projects. Michael is a top notch trainer and helps others to do wholesaling, fix & flip deals, rehabbing, buy & hold strategies, credit restoration and also helps others to use their self-directed IRA’s so they can use it for real estate and cryptocurrency. Mr. Andrews co-authored a book entitled “Conversations with Top Real Estate Investors” Vol. 5. He is well known and sought out to be an extremely powerful speaker that brings a lot of energy and has spoken at a national level.

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