#155 Happiness is an inside job - A conscious conversation with Garry Ryan

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This week I enjoyed a conscious conversation with previous guest Garry Ryan, breathwork and shamanic healer.

Garry shares how, through his work, he views the world through an ‘energy lens’ – whether love or fear, is this mine energy or has someone imprinted it upon me - which really helps to provide a framework for understanding life on a deeper level and make more conscious choices.

The conversation is deep and varied and we focus on a number of areas including the victim/persecutor/helper drama triangle that is put upon us and enslaves us, questioning whether the voice in your head is really yours, the potential role of the moon in all of this and the role of the human DNA design to bring peace to the universe.

Garry has a fantastic view and perspective on ‘doing life’ from many angles and I super enjoyed this conversation as you’ll gather listening to me.

For the listener, you’ll again go on a fantastic journey of viewing what may well be happening from another point of view and in the process have your own horizons and beliefs challenged.

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