#158 A Question of Medical Freedom and Sovereignty over our own Body - Dr. Judy Wilyman

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I enjoyed a conscious conversation with Dr. Judy Wilyman.

In 2015, after leaving a 15+ years being a science teacher and following her curiosity and concern sparked by observing an abnormal rise in allergies and learning disorders in the children she was teaching, Dr. Judy completed her PHD entitled ‘A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’.

What followed was nothing short of a drama out of Netflix – intense media scrutiny, actives steps to discredit her, lobbyist pressure to remove her PHD from the University of Wollongong’s Library and website and much more.

In this conversation Dr. Judy explains vaccine theory, ‘undone’ science, the lack of rigorous and legal accountability surrounding vaccines as well as the numerous conflicts of interest that pervade the Australian Scientific and Government Regulatory and decision-making bodies.

What shines through for me are the major questions about just how much we, and particular key state decision makers, lay our trust on scientists for many of our major answers – something that potentially applies to not only to vaccines but also the Governmental respond to COVID-19.

Dr Judy is a regular mother who is concerned for her children and the society we live in - the impact of all of this is laid bare within the conversation. What is interesting is the scale of the backlash because she dared to question.

For the listener, ultimately this comes down to a question of sovereignty over your own body, and for your children, and just how much responsibility and ownership you are willing to take over that.

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