#161 Take responsibility of your Wellbeing - Dr. Peter Dingle

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Learn how take responsibility for your own health with Australia’s leading wellbeing researcher Dr. Peter Dingle.

Peter wastes no time getting straight to the point putting forward the research that clearly indicates that the majority of the chronic illnesses that we suffer from today can track their source back to poor nutrition and gut health – including COVID-19.

Peter presents how the state of one’s nutrition and gut health are linked to hypertension, obesity and diabetes that is reducing our life expectancy.

This will be difficult listening to some as it clearly indicates the direct impact of our lifestyle choices upon our health and time on earth.

We also talk about the key difference between true scientific research and the pathology focused business of medicine, and how you as an everyday person can tap into the latest research that isn’t always so forthcoming.

Peter is super enthusiastic, and this was a great opportunity to tap into such a wealth of evidence-based wellbeing information and data.

For the listener you will be given some clear tips and steps of just how to regain your health and standard of life.

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