#170 Navigating a Spiritual Emergency – Jules Evans

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While more of us are becoming aware of the idea of spiritual awakening, the arising question is what is the actual experience of a spiritual awakening actually like?

Many may have a preconception that this is a lovely serene experience, however the truth of the matter is often something very different and scary, which is where the term ‘Spiritual Emergency has come from’.

This week had the great privilege of exploring the topic of spiritual emergencies with Jules Evans, practical philosopher and co-editor of the book Breaking Open, which documents real cases of individual spiritual emergencies.

In this conversation, Jules provides some of the characteristics and surrounding mechanics and dynamics of spiritual emergencies, as well as the impacts.

In an uncertain and rapidly changing world that can so easily trigger a deep change within us set against a noticeable increase in an uptake of differing healing modalities, this is an important conversation to normalise and map out what exactly is happening during these deeply subjective experiences.

FURTHER NOTE: - If you listen to this podcast, and you resonate with the contents based on your own experience, and would be willing to share and participate in a WA based research study to deepen our understanding of these experiences - then please, reach out because we'd like to hear about your spiritual emergency experience.

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