#172 WA Mental Health: What Happened to you? – Bill Saunders

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This week I had the great pleasure of welcoming back Bill Saunders, one of Perth’s leading clinical psychologist who's recently come out of retirement.

Through Bill’s research for his new book, he’s really dived into the true reliability and robustness of the underlying psychiatric framework and treatment protocols that shape the mental health space.

The picture that soon emerges is one that may well have lost its way scientifically becoming too complex, overly industrially influenced and separated too far from the true nature of the human journey.

Bill suggests that rather than asking ‘what's wrong with a client?’ the better starting point is to ask ‘what has happened to you?’ because more often than not the source of the majority of mental health issues originated from an early traumatic event in childhood.

This is a super engaging and detailed conversation with someone with over 40+ years of clinical practice and research experience.

If you or a loved one has any mental health issues or is receiving treatment – particularly medical drugs – then I would strongly recommend taking this on board.

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