#174 Exploring our Inner World: Hearing Voices - Johanna Badcock

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Take a deeper refection into our interior subjective human experience by considering auditory hallucinations, in particular hearing voices, with Johanna Babcock, Adjunct Professor at UWA School of Psychological Sciences, and also one of the founders of Perth Voices Clinic.

Surrounded in cultural interpretation, what becomes more and more apparent in this conversation is the fact that hearing voices is not quite what you think - it's very subjective to an individual and a lot more common than one might expect.

We also dive into the link with loneliness to mental health and the onus on those of us who are not lonely to open the door to those who are for the sake of a healthy society.

Why would you listen to this conversation? Because it’s a fascinating exploration into holding space for the legitimacy of your interior personal experiences. It highlights how much there is to explore and just how normal ‘things we don’t necessarily feel comfortable talking about’ really are.

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