#178 Democracy 2.0: Flux – Daithi Gleeson

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What would an upgrade to our current democracy actually look like? And how would democracy 2.0 actually work?

That's exactly what I discussed with Daithi Gleeson, member of the Flux Party – political party and movement that is drawing on technology to put forward an upgrade to our democratic system.

In this discussion, Daithi gives us a history of our democracy through today with key suggestions of how we can upgrade to make it work for us better in the present day.

Daithi and I about went into the current state of our individual and collective capability to be effective citizens in Democracy 2.0

Daithi is superbly articulate which makes this a very accessible conversation. It is also fascinating because all too often political discussions focus on the differences between parties and policies rather than on the actual nature of the underlying system and its ability to serve us the citizens and meet the complexity of the current day.

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