#179 Where Psychology Ends and Your Moral Philosophy Begin – Richard Grannon

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Where does psychology and philosophy begin in our human journey?

What is good? What is evil? How should I live my life?

Richard Grannon returns to discuss the importance of continuing to wrestle with important questions just like these to develop your own moral philosophy.

Previously, we spoke about co-dependency, people pleasing, and the impact of trauma. In this conversation, we go further into why a lack of moral philosophy will leave you in a weakened and a unboundaried state that can be so easily preyed upon by the outside world.

This is about our thinking, our decision making, and how we implement boundaries to live a more healthy life.

Considering your moral philosophy is not as difficult as you think, but it's possibly more important than you may ever consider; there's a strong suggestion that this may sit at the heart of some of our rising mental health issues.

As always, speaking to Richard was a true privilege and honour; he is incredibly articulate and has an amazing sense of humour. This conversation pushed me right to the forefront of my thinking currently, and possibly right to the forefront of my use of language.

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