#186 Stretching Forward into New Possibilities from COVID – Andy Lamb

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The focus of this week's conversation is about how organisations, whether private or governmental, stretch forwards into what is possible rather than snapping back to the ‘old normal’ in this post COVID world.

I explore this with Andy Lamb, an experienced organisational disruption consultant who specialised in unlocking creativity within businesses.

What makes this conversation super interesting is its fractal nature in that Andy started by noticing small changes that he needed to make himself on a personal level, and then spotted the patterns that emerged applying them to larger organisations in his work.

We also dived how to remain open to learning, complexity, ecosystems, and much, much more.

While on the surface this might seem like a very heavy topic, Andy is a super articulate guy and he's tonnes of fun to talk to, which makes this a very approachable conversation that will lightly provoke quite deep thought.

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