#189 The Pattern of Life; Realm Theory – Roslyn Snyder

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This week’s conversation with Roslyn Snyder is all about patterns – the patterns that underpin the human experience and patterns of nature.

Roslyn takes time to talk through Realm Theory that sets the framework of understanding for patterns she’s noticed across her life, vast studies and 20+ years as a practising Clinical Psychologist.

Throughout the conversation, she gives plenty of examples to provide the context for deeper understanding of how it all comes together.

It’s rare to find someone who works at this meta level of connection and who can see such deep patterns; patterns that have been understood and shared for hundreds and thousands of years previously in indigenous cultures. Indeed, Roslyn talks about how she’s not only captured the pattern mathematically but has also sang and danced the patterns.

This is a very deep conversation but right now I personally believe that this is a level of thinking and sensemaking that is missing from the overall conversation that directs where we’re going in the human experience.

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