#190 - Research into Psychological/Spiritual Emergency Presentation

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If you regularly attend or participate in an ‘alternative healing modalities’ or are drawn to searching further ‘within’ then the content of this episode is important for you to take on board.

This week, we go further into the world of spiritual and psychological emergencies with a presentation of the findings from a recent qualitative research project that explored the experiences of people here in Western Australia that have been through such an experience.

The research was conducted by Bryn with help from a number of ‘like-concerned’ friends.

The presentation shares some of the emerging patterns from the research and sheds some light into naturally occurring human growth experience.

Following the presentation there is a Q&A in which the exploration continues from the ensuing discussion.

If you wish to get in touch as a result of listening to this please feel free to email me at warealbryn@gmail.com

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