#191 – Regeneration: Coming Home – Anthony James

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This week I had the great pleasure of speaking with Anthony James, who is the host of the Regen Narration Podcast which focuses on the regeneration of life on this planet. This conversation was the meeting of two ‘meta-nodes’ discussing much from across the range of people that we have both talked to on our respective podcasts.

The topic of systems came up - those that are serving and those that are not serving us. Anthony spoke about how development involves a period of unravelling and the gentle stripping of old frameworks to reveal dissolutions as well as the need to be solid in the wilderness within.

He also shared a beautiful story from Archie Rose about the elders that are sitting around the campfire waiting for us to come home – a theme that has significant meaning throughout this conversation.

This was a fantastically delicate but powerful and strong conversation with a lot of humour - particularly listen out for Anthony talking about lasting change.

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