#193 – Sense Making and Media – David Fuller

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How can you make sense of the problems that face us when our capacity to make sense of the problem is the problem itself?

This week I explored sense making and the media with David Fuller, founder of the Rebel Wisdom Channel who is also a former BBC and Channel4 journalist.

David talks about how sense making is the fundamental issue that faces all of us - our inner capacity, both individually and collective, to make sense and meaning of the outside world and then to agree on what is truth and what are the key problems we need to focus on.

This issue is further exacerbated by the incentive structures, drivers and failures of both legacy media and alternative media, which is then accelerated by technologies that are purposefully designed to mine and capture our attention and concentration.

These factors and their impacts, which are being left unchecked, are causing a mounting existential crisis of disconnection that potentially sit at the heart of many of the recognised mental and emotions health issues we now encounter.

With financially incentivised decentralised flows of information straight to the individual now a feature of life, it is time for each of us to do our individual work in terms of ‘cleaning house’ and developing our relationship with the truth and how we make sense of the outer world so we can live a meaningful life.

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