#199 Western Australian Indigenous Interior Design – Leah Bennet

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When considering interior design, many of us will be aware of different styles whether it's in our home or the spaces we move through. We may be familiar with overseas styles such as the Hampton style, European.

But ask yourself, what does an Australian style of interior design actually look like?

Or let’s go deeper - what would the style of design that's influenced by the land and the deep culture here in Western Australia looked like?

It’s actually a difficult question to answer because very few designers are following this path, that is with the exception of this week's guest Leah Bennett of Leah Paige Design.

Leah talks through the nuances and intricacies of interior design, so that we can understand it in more clarity and more depth. She then adds the layer of culture and land so you can really begin to get a feel of how she's designing spaces that we can really connect to.

Leah also talks about the challenges of putting forwards this new approach to the interior design world and how often many people want to get involved but are just a bit too worried about where to start and getting ‘things wrong’.

Leah is a fantastic and articulate lady with a real drive and passion that shines through in this conversation and which is sure to underpin her impact in the future.

Website: leahpaigedesigns.com

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