#201 Being Famous Sharron - Bonnie Davies

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This week I had a great conversation with Perth-based comedian Bonnie Davis, who is better known for her alter ego, the comedic character Famous Sharron - who is famous for absolutely nothing at all.

In this conversation, you get a really great insight into the amount of work and the process that goes into being a comedian and developing a character like Famous Sharron.

We hear about the history and the development of this character and what Bonnie's been through to take her to where she is today.

Now famous Sharon doesn't actually appear in this conversation, which is maybe disappointing to some of her fans, but her theme of ‘celebrate yourself really shines through in this conversation and it's really interesting to hear how Bonnie has embraced that herself.

Bonnie is a lot of fun to talk to and this is fascinating conversation from a behind the scenes of being a comedian point of view.


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