15 Minute Mindset Season 1, Episode 6: An Intro to Minimalism

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On the season FINALE of 15 Minute Mindset on the BU with Declan Edwards podcast we are talking about MINIMALISM.

If you're unfamiliar with minimalism it's essentially a movement and approach to life that focuses on having less material possessions and only keeping things that add value to your life.

Having recently taken a more minimalist approach to living I'm excited to share that this week's episode is the first episode I'm recording in our new studio home that my wife and I moved into as a way of decluttering our lives and creating more freedom for ourselves.

If you find that you tend to be bogged down by 'stuff' and that you're living a cluttered and busy life then this is definitely a great episode to listen to.

For more on minimalism I recommend you check out The Minimalists Website: https://www.theminimalists.com/start/

As well as their TED talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7rewjFNiys

And their Netflix Documentary: "Minimalism: A Documentary About Important Things"

If you'd like to accelerate your Personal Development & Wellbeing Journey make sure you check out our brand new website at: https://bucoaching.org/

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