Learning How to Lead Yourself, to Lead Others - with special guest; Brendan Andrews (Sophomore Member at BU)

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If you're someone who has been thinking about diving into your personal development then this is a fantastic episode for you to listen to.

We are thrilled to be joined by Brendan Andrews. Brendan is the founder of Forever Forward Fitness, a leader in the health and fitness space and a very proud Sophomore Year member here at BU!

When we first connected with Brendan he was burnt out, beating himself up and ready to throw everything he had built away.

Fast forward a little over 12 months and Brendan has formed healthy self-care habits, built a better relationship with himself, gained clarity in his life vision AND he has grown Forever Forward to the point of getting a new studio and hiring 2 new staff members!

Want to find out how Brendan was able to achieve such great strides in his happiness, his leadership and his career throughout the chaotic 12 months that was 2020? Tune into the episode...

Connect with Brendan via:

- Website: https://www.foreverforwardfitness.com.au/

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ForeverForwardFit/

- Instagram: @foreverforward_fit or @brendan_andrews

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