Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking - with special guest; Annelise McCarthy

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Are you someone who cringes at the idea of speaking in front of a room?

Do you tend to get caught up in your head whenever it's time for you to voice your opinion?

Do you want to be more confident as a speaker so you can share your voice?

If so, you're in the right place.

We are thrilled to be joined by our first guest for season 4.

Annelise McCarthy is a women's speaking Coach, former lisp-o-holic, and passionate advocate for people becoming confident, articulate, and powerful speakers.

Throughout this episode, we dove into questions such as;

1. Why are so many people afraid of public speaking?

2. How can you begin to discover your authentic voice?

3. What are some handy tips to become a more confident speaker?

The insights shared by Annelise throughout this episode were so valuable that we've even asked her to be a guest expert in our signature Happiness Coaching program!

Connect with Annelise via;

- Website: https://www.annelisemccarthy.com/

- Instagram: @herspeakingcoach

- ClubHouse: @amspeech

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