Wizards of Wellbeing Season 2, Episode 1: Stress & Food with Hayley Stathis

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Welcome back to the BU with Declan Edwards Podcast. After a short break I am so excited to be back on air for Season 2 and kicking things off for the Wizards of Wellbeing series with a good friend of mine - Hayley Stathis.

Hayley is a clinical nutritionist and naturopath whose passion for wellbeing and helping women thrive is contagious!

Throughout this episode, we dove into the topic of stress and food and explored important concepts including:

  1. Why our behaviour around food can change when we are stressed
  2. How to notice downward spirals and prevent them
  3. The important of being intentional and mindful around our food practices

We also debuted our brand new surprise game for this season of the show.

So if you're someone who struggles with stress, food and you want to improve your overall wellbeing make sure you take a moment to tune in and do something good for you today.

As always it means the world to us if you SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW the show on any platform you're listening on.

And as always; Make an Impact, Start with Self and BU!

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