Why are you Meditating (part 2)? | Steven Towler | 06 September 2021

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Monday Night Meditation at Wat Dhammayanaram, Cambodian Society of WA (CBSWA) with Steven Towler on the 6th September 2021. These weekly teachings give an introduction into Meditation and some guidance and basics into the practice of the Buddhist Path. They usually consist of a short talk, thirty minute meditation and then questions & answers. Venerable Kassapa will have a rest from teaching on Monday evenings during the Rains Retreat from 10 August. He will resume teaching on Monday 11 October. Steven Towler, a lay teacher, is happy to fill in from Monday 16 August to October 4. Steven Towler has been a Buddhist for over fifty years. He studied and practised meditation with several well known teachers of the Thai forest tradition. He has translated text from teachers such as Luang Poo Tate, Luang Ta Maha Boowa and Acharn Piak from Thai to English.

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Teaching retrieved from https://thecbswa.org/meditation-recordings please visit https://thecbswa.org/ to find out how to attend the monastery in person.

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