Be a Deal-Maker, Not a Deal-Breaker with Barry Wolfe

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Do you help your client gets deal done or do you break them up? Lawyers often become deal breakers, not deal makers. Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

Barry Wolfe tells us that lawyers often miss the full picture of the deal. They overvalue what's in front of them, and become blind to everything else.

To succeed in this profession requires you to turn off the "lawyer" mode sometimes and start thinking about opportunity from the client's perspective.

Barry did just that. He went from a practicing lawyer to becoming a real estate broker. In his first year, he made $0. Today, he's the Senior Managing Director of Investments at Marcus & Millichap, the industry's largest firm specializing in real estate investment sales and financing.

Learn about the ups and downs of his journey, and everything he had to unlearn as a lawyer to succeed. This is an instructive episode on what it takes to do business development today. It is also a candid take from the client's point of view, something you might not have heard before.

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