Laura Frederick's Commitment to Generosity

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Laura Frederick left her job as in-house counsel at Tesla right before the pandemic to start her own firm in her 50s. As a single mom of 4 kids, she had to make this whole thing work.

In this episode of the Build Your Book podcast, we learn about the lessons she learned along the way to not only survive, but thrive in this new paradigm. Along the way, she built a thriving LinkedIn following of 17,000+ lawyers, an online academy, wrote a book.

Her secret is simple: start with generosity. This generosity has guided her relationships with clients, with friends, and so many more. Generosity is not only good for the heart, but good for business as well. This episode gets into how to do it all

In this episode, we learn about:

  • Why security and freedom are not opposites, but part of the same equation...
  • What it takes to thrive on LinkedIn...
  • How to strengthen your connections before you need them...
  • How to lead with generosity...
  • The importance of small experiments...
  • What to do with the imposter syndrome...
  • Why you need vulnerability and authenticity to thrive...
  • and more!

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