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I just have a really weird thought today. I don't know why this popped into my brain. I'm making my breakfast. And this thought pops into my brain and that was:

How did Adam and Eve figure out how to have sex that first time?

Did Eve look down and go, that's weird. You have a thing? And I don't?

Or was it a case where she was bending over to pick up something and Adam tripped him?

Did God come down with a PowerPoint presentation and show this slot A into tab B

Was it an Instinct?

I had a dog named Dudley. And when we brought him home, the first thing we did was buy a bunch of squeak toys. And the first thing he did was hump them all.

Like, wow, that dog needs a release of some sort. Apparently. I don't know what's going on with that dog, but he really likes that monkey.

So, it was a very weird thought. And maybe it's because it's May 2020. I'm in the middle of a pandemic.

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