Chris Young - Oklahoma State Director Of Tennis & Head Women's Coach On The Power Of Belief, Authenticity, & Building A Compelling Story Through Vision & Leadership

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#95: Chris Young is the Director of Tennis & the Head Women’s Tennis Coach at Oklahoma State University. In the last 13 years of leading the OSU women’s tennis program he has complied a 224-103 record and built OSU into a national tennis power.
In 2016 Oklahoma State made it to the National Championship finishing as runner up. With numerous appearances to the Sweet 16, 10 straight NCAA tournament trips, and two Big 12 regular season titles, he has led OSU to unprecedented success. Coach Young was instrumental in the fundraising and design for the Michael & Anne Greenwood Tennis Center. With an overall record of 413-197 he has seen successful and built tremendous programs everywhere he has been.
On the show Coach Young shares his perspective on how to establish a compelling vision, the importance of belief, building a program, curiosity, surrounding yourself with great people, how complacency is the enemy of success, faith, authenticity, what it means to be a great husband and father, & much more.
I have been really excited to share this episode because wether you are a coach, business leader, or young person there is so much to take away from Coach Young’s story. I hope it inspires and encourages you. Enjoy the show!

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