EP52: Technology in HVAC, Driving Contractor Wins with Joe Samel (SensiPredict - Emerson) & Sam Troyer (Comfort Zone, Inc)

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“Data, data everywhere, and not a place to sync!”

Eric Preston

Sensor data and oftentimes, the corresponding analytics are popping up everywhere you look.

What is happening in the HVAC world?

In newer systems there are some options; most on the high end.

But are there any reliable solutions that address more basic systems and the aftermarket?

Here comes SensiPredict by Emerson.

Emerson has designed a full eco system that helps to deliver new benefits for contractors; benefits that homeowner value and are driving contractors wins. Providing peace of mind for both!

These smart diagnostic tools have matured and now ensure verified installations and as well as remote fault detection.

Joe Samel (Emerson) and successful Florida contractor Sam Troyer (Comfort Zone, Inc) describe for us real world experience with this impressive new technology that helps to differentiate Sam’s pitch and his services.

Contractors, like Sam, are using technology to successful separate their companies against their competition.

Learn more about the product here:


SensiPredict is available at leading distributors across the US and at https://www.trutechtools.com/sensi

This episode was recorded in March 2021.

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