The Current State of Multifamily & Importance of Positive Mindset With Rod Khleif

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Rod Khleif is a multiple business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about business, high performance, real estate and giving back. As one of the country's top real estate and peak performance luminaries. He has also owned over 2000 properties. Rod Khleif soared from humble beginnings as a young, impoverished Dutch immigrant to incredible success.

Rod's experience involves both remarkable triumphs, and spectacular failures, which he affectionately calls "seminars”. He brings incredible authenticity and insight to his approach to real estate, mindset, success and life. Rod can talk about Real estate, the psychology of success, and any business topic in great depth, contributing incredible first-hand, technical, and motivational knowledge and skills to the conversation. Rod also founded The Tiny Hands Foundation, which has benefited more than 110,000 children in need.
In this episode, Rod describes the current state of Multifamily and some of opportunities that lies ahead. He also talks about the importance of positive mindset to succeed in life.





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