201: The Top 12 | How to Scale Your Personal Brand & Become a Recognized Expert - Tips from Dorie Clark

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As the world becomes noisier, gaining recognition as being at the top of your game is no small feat. Yet some people figure out the formula for showcasing their talents despite the noise. That’s why it’s no surprise that our original episode featuring Dorie Clark, a master of self-reinvention, made it to our list of the top 12 most downloaded.


As a consultant or service-based professional, scaling your unique skills and subject matter expertise may seem impossible. However, Dorie is proof that it is in fact possible. She went from growing up in a small town with limited resources to become the world’s #1 communication coach as well as a prolific author, Harvard Business Review contributor, influential speaker, and renowned professor. How did she do it?


In this episode, Dorie shares her proven organic marketing strategies to leverage your core competency, reinvent your personal brand, and increase your visibility. Become a highly sought-after recognized expert and watch the money pour in!

📝 Resources & Show Notes: https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/201-the-top-12-how-to-scale-your-personal-brand-become-a-recognized-expert-tips-from-dorie-clark

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