203: The Top 12 | Business Infrastructure Lessons I Learned in Cuba with Alicia Butler Pierre

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Hi! I'm Alicia, host and producer of the Business Infrastructure podcast, and I have a confession to make.


When I analyzed the show’s most downloaded episodes, I was shocked to learn that a monologue I recorded back in 2018 about my experiences in Cuba made the list.


I was shocked because this was a recording I did while I was still very new to the podcasting industry and honestly didn’t know what I was doing. But one thing I did know was my passion for business infrastructure and operational excellence. It’s what led me to share my observations and experiences during a visit to Cuba and how they apply to the way we operate our small businesses.


For example, I was intrigued by the continuous preservation of cars, culture, and cuisine but the lack of maintenance of many homes and buildings. In this episode, I share the role that various economic factors play in our ability to maintain and preserve the businesses we build. I also discuss the role that dashboards play in keeping the score of our daily operations. I hope you enjoy listening to this “oldie but goodie” episode. If nothing more, may these lessons serve as a cautionary tale of the importance of developing processes to monitor all aspects of your business to minimize both risk and…ruin.


📝 Resources & Show Notes: https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/203-the-top-12-business-infrastructure-lessons-i-learned-in-cuba-with-alicia-butler-pierre

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