212: Scale Tales | Ep. 212: Ripple Effect – Liz Bloomfield Explains the Power of Storytelling to Maximize Social Impact

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“Smoke from indoor cooking fires is the leading cause of death for women and children under age 5 in the developing world.”

This episode’s scale tale takes us to Guatemala where a local organization resolves to prevent this tragedy.


That’s where Ripple Effect Images comes into play. By leveraging their ecosystem of filmmakers, editors, photographers, donors, and fundraisers, they were able to show and tell a local Guatemalan community’s stories about unsafe indoor cooking to scale the solution and its social impact. This resulted in their partner, StoveTeam International, distributing over 8,000 stoves in a short period.

As the Executive Director of Ripple Effect Images, Liz Bloomfield recounts the business infrastructure put in place to support this level of scale and explains how storytelling serves as a catalyst for saving lives. She also reveals how her former careers in the British Army and corporate sector prepared her for the work she’s doing now as she continues focusing on “making the world a better place” through humanitarian projects.

Listen now and gain a better understanding of the people, processes, and tools required to tell an effective story to scale your organization’s operations.

📝 Liz’s Resources & Show Notes: https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/212-scale-tales-ripple-effect-liz-bloomfield-explains-the-power-of-storytelling-to-maximize-social-impact

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