219: Scale Tales | The Connector - How Jesse Torres Leveraged His Network for Mass Distribution of PPE

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After listening to Jesse Torres you’ll never underestimate the power of networking ever again. He has a knack for meeting people and connecting them to each other to broker partnerships and alliances.

Jesse owns ArroyoWest, an economic and workforce development agency, and Small Business Front, a consultancy targeted at providing small businesses with resources to start, grow, and scale. But his career didn’t start with entrepreneurship.

It started with what was supposed to be his first job at a local Los Angeles newspaper. When that job fell through due to a merger, it set Jesse on a career ladder that included rungs in academia, government, private practice, publicly-traded companies, and even non-profits.

As he continued climbing that ladder to his latest role as an entrepreneur, his vast network and experience in disaster relief aligned when the pandemic happened. In this episode, Jesse shares how he leveraged his network to connect some of his local government clients to form a new organization that provided personal protective equipment (PPE) to tens of thousands of small businesses in California.

Pay close attention as he describes the business infrastructure quickly deployed to bring together the right people, processes, and tools that made this mass distribution of PPE possible.

📝 Access Jesse’s Resources & Show Notes: https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/219-scale-tales-the-connector-how-jesse-torres-leveraged-his-network-for-mass-distribution-of-ppe

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