222: Doing Business in Nigeria with Mujahid Usman

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It’s a brand-new season on the Business Infrastructure podcast! Season 18 is all about international business. Have you ever thought about expanding your business into another country or maybe establishing a strategic alliance with a foreign business? Or is it something you’ve never really considered until now?

Over the next 12 episodes, you’ll hear from natives and ex-pats alike about the possibilities that exist. Get your passport ready!

Our first stop is in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and a city in the sixth most populated country in the world. Mujahid Usman, the Business Development Manager at Outsource Global, is here to greet us and share the scoop on what it's like to really do business there.

In this episode, Mujahid also shares interesting facts about the large multinational presence in Nigeria, debunks myths and stereotypes about African businesses and societies, and explains why he believes people, not gold and diamonds, are Africa’s most precious resources.

He even reveals why he ultimately chose to leave behind a finance career in England and return home to Nigeria to help scale Outsource Global’s operations with a business infrastructure worthy of a rival.

You’re guaranteed to learn some things you never knew about Nigeria!

📝 Links to Mujahid’s Resources: https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/222-international-business-doing-business-in-nigeria-with-mujahid-usman

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