223: Doing Business in Ireland with Martina Goss

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We kicked off this season of international business in Nigeria. Our next stop is in Ireland – a small, but powerful nation considering its gateway position to the European Union.

Martina Goss, a certified lean startup coach, is our guide. She’s brilliantly transformed her career from a certified accountant crunching numbers for existing businesses to a trusted advisor for startups. Her mission is to save startups from the pains of wasting time, effort, and money on businesses doomed to fail. She does this through a rigorous idea validation process.

In this episode, Martina shares what happens next with businesses that have successfully passed the idea validation “sniff test.” This includes her specific process for helping these startups establish the foundation for profitability and manageable growth using elements of business infrastructure and the LEANSTACK model.

She also explains why Ireland is a hotspot for establishing a European headquarters location, how you can start a business in Ireland, and where you can find Irish businesses to establish an import/export strategic partnership.

There’s so much more to Ireland than shamrocks, pubs, and leprechauns. Discover how relationships you build can give access to the entire European Union population of 447M people!

📝 Links to Martina’s Resources: https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/223-international-business-doing-business-in-ireland-with-martina-goss

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