Business Players Live By Jose Silvera Ep 7 - Luz Cabrera (Model, Coach & Mentor)

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Luz Cabrera is a successful model and now a model agency owner in, coach and youth mentor in San Francisco CA that is inspired to help kids and teens to discover who they are and who they want to become.
From a young age, she struggled in Mexico, with family, money, and self-esteem. That didn’t stop her to achieve a successful career as an actress, then a model and now a business owner.
At the end of this interview, Luz and I revealed a huge announcement, you must watch it!
If you want to contact Luz Cabrera, enroll your kids in model and coaching, follow her and send her a message, these are her social media networks:
Instagram: @luzcabreraofficial
TikTok: _luzcabrera_
Website: coming soon
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