Dear Gravity

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This mix is dedicated to Mike Graff, a Minneapolis-based composer, producer, and sound designer creating exquisite ambient-cinematic music as Dear Gravity. His work has graced almost all editorial ambient playlists you will come across, and has been featured worldwide in a variety of films and projects.

Mike’s motivation for creating this beautiful music is one that I deeply resonate with when creating Calm Pill mixes. “Our world isn’t slowing down,” Graff says, “And when I try to keep up with it all, I begin to disconnect from my soul—from the ability to feel, notice and live. Creating as Dear Gravity helps me rediscover that color and mystery in life, and my goal is allow listeners to experience the same.”

The 5 tracks I’ve included in this mix are only sample of his incredible body of work and collaborations with other amazing ambient artists. Check out more of Dear Gravity wherever you get your music or through the link below:

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Ministry of Ambience ― Futura Nova

Dear Gravity, We Dream of Eden ― Say Something

Fading Language ― On Something to Which I Won’t Admit

Hatsü ― Tides

36 & awakened souls ― Take Me by the Hand (36 After Dark Version)

amble ― Miniature #1

Takashi Kokubo ― Awakening of the Forest (Excerpt)

Rudy Adrian ― Autumnal Twilights On Victory Beach

Dear Gravity, Simon Wester ― The Kingdom

Violet Light ― The Hills of Appalachia (reprise)

Mjorn ― Golden Milk

Orla Wren ― Four Feathers Few (Edit)

Be Still the Earth, Dear Gravity ― Fragmented

zakè, Isaac Helsen ― Journey Note

Umber ― Earth Feet, Lifted – Part 2

Dear Gravity ― She Knows the Way Home

Infralyd ― We Fell in Love, Ran Away, And Lived Our Lives

Andrew Tasselmyer & anthéne ― Part One

Be Still the Earth, Dear Gravity ― Plead, Pause

Antarctic Wastelands ― Hidden

Sad radio on Cassini ― Slow Stars (Original Mix)

The Calm Pill album Dear Gravity was curated and mixed by Alaeddin and released on Uplifting Pills on January 10, 2023

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