Falling Up

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Gratefulness and humility are two qualities that elevate humankind. Combined, they cushion our falls in life. Because in a way, they help us “fall upwards”, such that our hardships become catalyst for ever greater appreciation of blessings we once had, and ones we continue to have. When we let go of entitlement, we develop a sense of awe towards everything we get to experience, no matter the magnitude or level of familiarity.

Lee Brown (IG @fallingup79) writes some beautiful heartfelt reflections. He shared with me the following passage that he wrote while listening to a Calm Pill mix:

“I am humbled that I get to be here for a little while. That I get to experience taste, touch, sight, and sound. I’m in awe that I get to feel deeply. That I get to experience joy and sadness, love and loss. I’m amazed at being broken open and becoming whole again. What a gift to be on this great journey. What an honor to be the hands and feet of the universe. To reach into the unknown and find meaning — and ultimately myself.”

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Also, did you know that I have another podcast called Chill Pills (chill.upliftingpills.com). It features the same quality of craftmanship and careful curation you’ve come to expect from this show but focuses on more genres of music spanning chillout, lofi chill hop, chillstep and lounge.


Palancar ― The Rain is Full of Ghosts Tonight (Excerpt)

Applefish ― Call of the Sea

Synthy Lights ― Voices of the Sea

Spheruleus ― The Ocean Yawns

v e n n ― Buoy

Spirit Minds ― Beautiful Awakening

Kazuma Okabayashi ― Rising

Hilyard ― Somnolent

anthéne ― fallen mountains

anthéne ― The Sun Is Up, My Eyes Are Open

Francesco Siano ― Wavering Heart

The Monk by the Sea ― Asleep

Endless Melancholy ― A Neverending Descent (Excerpt)

Steve Roach ― Holding Light

Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana ― The Graceful Sky

Spacecraft ― Light Years

Kilometre Club ― Drifting Through

The Calm Pill album Falling Up was curated and mixed by Alaeddin and released on Uplifting Pills on October 30, 2022

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