Transitioning Campers to Staff - Camp Code #98

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If this is your first summer back after COVID, this may be THE focus for your training this year.

As we step into 2022, we shift our focus on transitioning CITs from the mindset of a camper, to become a staff member. As always, we recommend frontloading these potential staff members with information to ensure that these young people feel like they are part of something larger. Beth comes up with three simple rules: connect with the potential staff, communicate to them what leadership training is all about and commit to them that as an outcome of leadership training, everyone will grow.

Gabz takes aim on explaining the “why” we work as camp leaders. Helping your new potential staff to understand the importance of summer camp leadership training. Ruby is back and comes out stating the facts. Future staff will have employers beyond camp and those employers are going to be looking for leadership skills therefore, the training your potential staff will get from summer camp will only better prepare them for life outside of camp!

With summer camp hiring right around the corner, this episode is full of ideas on how to engage with your potential staff to help you hire the right people to start planning for a (hopeful) more “normal” summer. Have a listen today!

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Best Practice for Leadership Training

From Beth Allison

Your future camp staff members may have been your previous campers, meaning you’ve interacted with their parents throughout life at camp. As much as we advocate for summer camp training, parents will also be looking for information. Frontload as much as you can on what life as a staff member looks like at camp. Clearly define what parents can expect as their children transition into staff.

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