Time for Reckoning | Canadiens Connection ep 166

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This Week’s Show

Segment 1: Week in Review, Habs News, League News

  • Check out news Headlines posts every week day at AllHabs.net.
  • Roster news - Canadiens welcomed back Jake Allen, Cedric Paquette and Joel Edmundson after recovering from injuries. Allen and Paquette returned to the lineup. Edmundson has been practicing with the team but not yet ready for game action. Guy Lafleur: Canadiens should name a captain and it should be Brendan Gallagher
  • Habs prospect report - Updates on the Laval Rocket. Is Jordan Harris the "best defenceman in the country?" Be sure to read the content at AHL.report and check out The Press Zone - Montreal.
  • Quotes of the Week
  • Hockey news and notes - Elliotte Friedman: Claude Julien may be a candidate to coach Canucks. Friedman: "NHL did have a phone conversation with Quebec City, but it’s not seriously on the radar." Artemi Panarin vs Brad Marchand.

Segment 2: BIG Topic - Holding Pattern

  • The Canadiens season is in a death spiral and the management is in paralysis. While the Habs continue to set records of futility, when will change finally come for the suffering players and fans?

Segment 3: Have Your Say

  • Canadiens upcoming events.
  • Canadiens Connection Question of the Week.
  • Listener's texts and emails.

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