Career Survival Tips During the Coronavirus Crisis

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One of my friends works in the theatre and she sees no hope of returning to that world even after the initial coronavirus crisis passes. She needs a job.

Another client came to me last year because he wasn’t enjoying work anymore. If I was talking to him now, I’d be talking to him about how to reinvigorate his job in case he just has to stay put.

What about you? Are you looking for work? Unhappy at work? Not sure of how to manage your career during this crisis? Or even whether your career will survive?

Managing your career has become a lot more difficult and complicated. Pre Covd-19, if you didn’t like your job, you just left. And what about trying to get a new job when you’re competing against so many others?

In Episode 1 of the Managing your Career in the Corona Virus Season, Catherine covers 2 critical areas. First, she will outline how to revive your love affair with your current job, if you’re decidedly over it. Then, she talks to you about exactly WHICH ducks you need to get in a row to win that next job.

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