063: Free Your Mind with Douglas K. Gordon

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Conferences, Cannabis, and Mushrooms. These seem disconnected, right? Well, actually, there’s one common factor…

“Five or six years down the line, if I do nothing… have I really been a good Caribbean citizen?” – Douglas K. Gordon.

Douglas is the founder of CanEx Jamaica Business Conference and Expo, an annual business event that connects top cannabis industry experts, and CEO of Silo Wellness, an alternative, and holistic health company focused on functional mushroom and psychedelic opportunities. In this episode, Kevin Valley speaks with Douglas K. Gordon about the business of natural medicine business while addressing misconceptions and misinformation about cannabis and functional mushrooms.

Controversial? Perhaps. Informative? Yes!

This conversation uncovers:

  • Strategies used to create, maneuver challenges and expand a premier Caribbean event.
  • The story behind the legacy collaboration with the Marley brand.
  • The mind, body, and soul… Rest, resetting, and restoration through nature.

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