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What can we learn from mistakes? When we're at the bottom can we really learn something? Carl shares a helpful story from his book Anatomy of a Comeback.

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Hi everyone, Carl Gould here with your #70secondCEO. Just a little over a one minute investment every day for a lifetime of results.

One of the main questions I get from business leaders of all types especially during this time is, Carl now what, now what? Okay it’s happened now what, there’s been restrictions in my state now what? The industry has suffered you know big losses, now what, okay, what do we do now? So the first thing we need to do is we need to look at this anatomy and say “alright what got us here?” and we need to be really honest about what got us here. I said to Chuck I said...Chuck was talking we’re getting ready for the book and he says “this happened to me and that happened to me and this happened to me” and I said “wait Chuck to be fair though to be fair to go from where you were to the bottom you know you didn't get there by just being a victim, what did you do, what was your role?” and he said “yeah you know I didn't have all my eggs in one basket financially, there are some things I definitely learned from" and so what I’m hoping is that you will do the same you will learn from them too.

Like and follow this podcast so you can learn more. My name is Carl Gould and this has been your #70secondCEO.

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